Pamela Mars-Wright: “I want to leave a sustainable planet for my children”

Pamela Mars-Wright: “I want to leave a sustainable planet for my children”

In a passionate and personal plea to business and world leaders during Climate Week in New York City, Mars, Incorporated board member Pamela Mars-Wright urged industry to commit to action on climate change.

“We’re here because the world is changing,” said Pamela, “and even though that affects all of us, we don’t seem to be focused enough on the fact that we need to leave a planet for our children and our grandchildren.” Her remarks were delivered in a keynote address to hundreds of public and private sector leaders focused on climate change at the Signature Event of Climate Week NYC 2015.

“Why am I here?” Pamela continued. “Because I want to leave a sustainable planet and a sustainable business for my children and my future grandchildren. We have a passion to make a positive change in this world - not because we have to, but because we want to.”

Pamela also spoke of the historic importance of this year’s COP21 climate negotiations in Paris, where the business community will have a high-profile opportunity to make a clear stand on its commitment to battle climate change in the presence of global leaders. “Let’s not wait for others to tell us what to do. Instead, let’s lead. By being united we show governments how, actually, you can do these things to everybody’s benefit, as opposed to just the benefit of some.”

The Signature Event of Climate Week NYC 2015 was convened by the Climate Group and RE100, a coalition of businesses committed to using 100% renewable power. Mars is a founding member of RE100 and has pledged to eliminate all GHG emissions and fossil fuel use from its operations by 2040.

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